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About Us

Danielle Clark Floral Artistry is a wedding and event florist proudly serving midwest couples and clients in western WI and eastern MN. We specialize in color, texture, and airy garden style designs. Our designs are inspired by these principles and also by the work of our role models which include florists such as Ariella Chezar, Gabriella Salazar, and Rachel Husband. We also value sustainability and supporting local businesses in our community, which is why we use sustainably sourced blooms from local flower farmers and American growers when possible. Our mission as your designer is to not just meet but exceed your expectations by providing beautiful, professionally designed flowers for your most memorable events and by making the planning process simple, easy, and fun. Most of all, we love Love; we love spreading happiness and beauty through flowers; and we believe the world needs more of all of these.

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Our Story


Hi! I'm Danielle and I'm the face behind Danielle Clark Floral Artistry. I am a small town girl who grew up in rural Wisconsin and who has always loved the outdoors, anything creative and artistic, and of course, flowers. Even from a very young age I loved flowers, as my mom will tell you. (As soon as I could walk I would often be found pulling ALL the blossoms and buds off her beautiful patio pots!)

Growing up we always had flowers around in the summers, and I still remember the summer I got to plant my very own flower garden for the first time--I still believe it was one of the most beautiful flower beds you ever did see (though I may be just a little biased). I also remember visiting my grandmas in the summers, who lived nearby. Whenever we went for a visit, even if we had been just a week before, we had to do a tour of the flower beds. Off we would go, meandering from bed to bed, pointing out our favorite varieties, discussing which ones were new, and occasionally even picking some to bring in the house. So many of my best childhood memories involved flowers, which is just another reason they hold a special place in my heart.

In high school I wanted so badly to find a summer job that would let me combine my love of being outside and my love of flowers, and I was lucky enough to find more than one at various local greenhouses and florists in town. In college I continued this trend and worked for another florist, where I really got the chance to get my hands on flowers on a regular basis and hone my design skills. Before long, though, I had to move on as I graduated college and life took me elsewhere. However, I missed floral design and the outlet it provided me to combine my love of nature and flowers with my artistic and creative side. I also had the strong desire to create something all my own, where I could pursue this passion in the way I wanted to. This is how Danielle Clark Floral Artistry was born.

Over time I have found my own unique design style, which is inspired by the many summer days spent helping my mom and grandmas in their gardens and admiring their beautiful flower beds.  To me, floral designs should be natural, lush, and reflective of the organic growth patterns of flowers in the garden and their relationships with each other as they grow in nature. I also believe each bouquet should have movement, contrast, and texture and should speak to the style and personality of the person or occasion it is for. This is what I strive for in each piece I make, whether it's a monumental floral arch or a diminutive boutonniere. Care, attention to detail, and love go into designing each one, no matter how big or small. 

Though I love many things about flowers and floral design, what I love most is their power to spread beauty and happiness wherever you find them. The power a simple vase of flowers has to touch someone, to remind them they are loved, to bring unexpected joy into their day, to celebrate life's most precious moments--for me this is what flowers are all about. I am so grateful to each and every person who has supported me in making my dream a reality because it has allowed me to pursue what I love while also bringing joy to others. It is my firm belief that the world needs more flowers, and I consider myself so lucky to be in a role that allows me to bring happiness and beauty to my community and the people around me through something I love so much. 

I have so many big dreams for this little business and I couldn't do it without my biggest supporters and all of the clients who choose Danielle Clark Floral Artistry and trust in me to bring beauty to their most momentous days. To all of you who have found your way here and have been or will be a part of this journey, thank you! It means more than you know!

~ xo, Danielle

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